Server closing.

It is with great regret that the server is closing.

The server will work for the last 6 days and that's it.

Thanks to everyone who played and enjoyed the game.

Please do not write to me about the possibility of buying a server, I will not react in any way to these messages.

Enjoy your time, everyone.

Blessed amulet selling

Temporary not working.

Patch 154 and new maps announcement

Server running

Maps changes:

  • Ancient temple
  • Fields of glory

Убраны Ключи:

  • Silver key
  • Stone key
  • Key of return

*Those who had these keys now have wooden shields instead. This made it easier to remove them from the game.

Items changes:

Bosses with Sky items no longer need keys to enter

Training bow has a range of 2

Skeletons swordsmen and archers above level 0 are not blocked by a firebomb

It is now possible to leave Amun without a rune of tek hamel and the entrance to it no longer requires the skull of Aluvir.

The process of assigning different colors to monsters has begun:

Several new pictures of items to be added in the next patches:

Also, in subsequent patches, new locations of the Pirates will appear:

As well as new maps for leveling up blacksmiths:

Update and Blacksmith announcement
  • Anubis and King Herald correct creation display on website.
  • Korik - Added HP
  • Daggers have moved to the sword section.Daggers training the Swords skill.
  • In Karend, a merchant started selling fish.

Blacksmith announcement:

Locations for leveling up are almost ready for you (no one except blacksmiths can enter this location, pvp will be turned on), new items.

Crystals will be easier to mine, they will start falling from the monsters in your dungeon.

Changes to penalties for rule violations

I ask you to familiarize yourself with the changes in penalties for violation of the following points of the rules: 2 and 12.

These changes apply from today.

Division of Axes and Hummers

In a week there will be a division of Axes and Hammers according to their respective skills.

Daggers will most likely be removed from the game, some may be moved to the Swords section.

Whoever wants to throw the current ax skill into hammers will have to leave a request on the forum, the topic will be created during this change.

This is due to the preparation in the changes for the blacksmiths, the introduction of locations for pumping the level of the blacksmith, the extraction of crystals and the creation of new things.

Patch 153


Patch and changes announcement

Tomorrow (07.10.2020) in the evening there will be a patch and a change of monsters.

With the patch, 1 new map will be added, as well as 2 maps will be changed.

The experience gained for them will change for the better for monsters, and some parameters will slightly increase.

You can already see these changes on the website in the monster library.

More than 60 monsters have undergone changes, the bosses ElisaEolaErlaniol have also changed.

Transactions history

From today you have appeared the history of payments in the information about the character on the site.

Also, now you can pick up the item yourself after the payment has been verified and added to the character.

Patch 152

Fixed portals on maps:

  1. South Land
  2. Tondal - entrance to Istlong
  3. lantis dungeon
  4. South Land pyramid
  5. Entrance to Enchanced Forset
  6. Elementas World
Server maintenance

Unplanned server maintenance work.

Changes will apply:

  • Fishing will be disabled on a permanent basis.
  • The character bug will be fixed.
  • The healers will be installed in South lands, Trolland, Necrohouse.

I will announce about end of works in this news.

Updated: Server running.

Changes patch 151


Guard amuletAmulet of EreinionGolden AmuletAmulet Of Hephaestus


Green Troll, level 2Blue Troll, level 2Green Troll, level 3Blue Troll, level 3

Healers were removed.

Fishing now working again, hope no more crashes.

P.S.: about bug when attack - i know.

Patch 150

On some maps added healers.

Fishing and skills

Fishing will be switched off for week.

I will put few more healer on random locations. These can be both underground and ground locations.

If the server works stably without crashes, then it is possible that it will continue to work.

Fishing will stop today, I will put the healers tomorrow (today I hardly have time) and make a patch.

PS: Yes, without fishing, you can also download skills, not so fast, but you can. The plans also include the option of opening the purchase of skills, but not only money will be needed to purchase, but also some items. Items that can either be forged by a blacksmith, or they can be knocked out of bosses.

Server finish

At the end of september server will be switched off.

At the end of this week autoreboots will turned off.

I hope everyone will be happy.

PVP Server 2

PVP turned on everywhere(except start location).

In tondal you can buy dem mas and tek hamel spells.

New server

A new server has been launched for tests.

To play on this server in the mudclient.ini file, write

The test is carried out to clarify the server's performance and lag. If everything goes well on this server configuration, then it will be improved and all characters will be transferred to it from the old server.

Fishing and Items
Blessed Amulets

Sale of blessings resumed, blessed amulets became cheaper as well.


Fishing is disabled indefinitely.

I hope this will help reduce the number of server crashes and the server will start to work more stable.

  • Crossbows shoot arrows
  • Training bow now with 2 range
  • Bolts removed from merchants
Items reguirements
Items change and blessed amulet

Requirements for some things will be changed tomorrow.

The parameters of the Blessed Amulet will also be changed.

Bless selling

Sale of bless is temporarily suspended.

The blessed amulet will be changed next week or later, as long as no one has bless.

Website updates
  • Added information about the character.
  • The link to the store has been removed from the site menu, it is now in the character information
Path 148

The rooms of the old guilds are closed, in case someone wants to create a guild with a similar name and without a room.


Shop temporary not working, trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Updated: working.


A wipe is produced on the server.

Gene's ring for mages will be introduced. (for tests)

Maybe a double will open back. (Most likely you will need a key and there will be a minimum level restriction.)

The bosses will be slightly weakened. (most likely on the weekend or next week)


Shop for real

On the forum there a topic with items that can be purchased for real.

Updated: make shop page.

Server moved
Server moved. Topic
Patch 146
Staffs, training bow

Staffs are no longer tied to any skill, and no skill affects their attack power, because magicians do not need it.

Training Bow has a range of 3 now.

Server running on date 05.04.2020. Next week/two no updates.
Leather, Mage eye, tek hamel rune

Leather now drop from:

Mage eye now required 30 level for learn it, all who below 30 level spell was taken off.
Gem of Temple Call drgop chance increased to 30%


Changed drop top sets from bosses.

Stats of bosses, with top sets, was increased.


On forum create topic about event, may be someone will be interested.

Path 138

Changed Karend mines map, need to re-enter on map.

Boss Elin moved to Karend mines.

Added few new maps which one soon will be filled by new monsters and some bosses will be moved into it.

Buffs/spells requirements and bosses

Changed reguirements for all buffs.

In drop added buffs for low levels, from bosses:

Fixed level requirement for spells:

Now these spells required 40 level.

Forum registration

From today, I only activate accounts that have been registered with existing game accounts.

Requirements for activation:

  • same e-mail as the account in the game
  • the same nickname as in the main character’s game (3rd party characters will be eliminated)
Karend mines

No pvp.


The forum has 2 topics with suggestions for the game:

Guilds rooms

A castle with guild rooms has been set up in Karenda.

The castle has a main lobby that is open to all and you can become citizen in it.

The cost of a room for a guild is 150k GP (2 portals for 1 month included). This price is paid only 1 time.

In the castle of guilds there are portals to the room for your guild, in each room there are 2 portals and a chest.

PvP is included in the castle, no in rooms.

The left portal is open to everyone in the test room.

Portals you choose yourself, only on those locations on which there are no bosses and at least are located at a distance of 1 location to the boss.

The cost of 1 portal is 20k GP per month *.

* Price subject to change.

Staffs and books

All books now not have skill shield.

All staffs now one-handed.

Elemenetals and Beholders
Elementals and Beholders were changed.
Tek hamel runes and strengthened bosses

Added tek hamel runes drop to:

Strengthened bosses:

Changes 5

Alide lanur and alide atego need 40 level (in game and items library show 41)

All armors now cut used mana

Tek hamel rune drop change increased 25%

Doubles are set to Moscow time: from 13 to 14 hours, from 19 to 20 hours and from 1 to 2 nights


The forum created a vote on changing alide lanur / alide atego.

Voting is here

Changes 4
  • Key of returnDwarven AmuletGuard Stone have normal respawn, also remove tek hamel rune from chest in Lje room.
  • Karend Mines not PVP.
  • Reduced gp drop from some monsters, another monsters will also be reduced gp drop.
Rule 7

Change rule 7 of rules, also changes punishment for this rule.


Last time I change the limits, from 02.19.2020:

  • From one IP, now a maximum of 4 characters and attacking / casting magic in one character is reduced to 2, this only applies when the character is on skill.

Will be back soon.


Rules updated.

Changes 3

Added shop on the maps:

  • Lands of glory
  • Elven Lands

On other cards with traders, the percentage of sales to traders is reduced ещ 1-21%.
Money drop from monsters, also will be reduced.
In the near future, the parameters of many items will be changed.

From now maximum 2 characters from same IP and maximum characters attacked/cast any magic to another now is 3, it's only when character on skills.

Changes 2

Bosses drop changes:

Changes 1

Added to gems of tek hamel to bosses:

Also drop rate for spells and keys was changed.

Bosses changes:


Server running.

Reboots are expected in connection with the changes of things, all reboots will be reported.
Items will still change.
Changed penalties for breaking the rules.

Limit from 1 IP increased to 5.

Setting up

Setting up server before start.

An updated client will be uploaded soon.

Client update:

  • added few new maps
  • fixed items images

UPD: Client updated, please download again to avoid problems.


On this week gonna be server re-launch(wipe).
Not everything what was planning will be, unfortunatelly.
After re-launch will be:

  • Removed hamel.
  • Removed skill buying.
  • Doubel location removed.
  • Items sharpening will not be.
  • Drop rate changed.
  • restrictions on the limit of characters from one ip will be introduced - 3, there will also be a limit on the number of simultaneously bullet in one character - 5.

Few new location will be added, also new location will be adding time to time.

Added 9.02.2020:

  • Perks also will be turned off for while.
Wipe news

Wipe will be in at least 1-2 months.
At the moment, work is underway on things, maps and mobs.

After wipe:

  • will be removed. temple, instead of it runes will wallow in chests (with restarts chests will change).
  • the number of keys to bosses will decrease, there will be universal keys.
  • restrictions on the limit of characters from one ip will be introduced, there will also be a limit on the number of simultaneously bullet in one character.
  • after the fall of the server, all the characters will fly to the temple.

So far everything seems to be, if something else I’ll suddenly come up with, I’ll write.

Dicussion here

Current world map


I apologize for the long silence, so to speak, but plans have changed regarding doing everything from scratch.
This is too time-consuming work and will drag on for a very long time, I decided that it would be easier and faster to fix some cards, monsters and objects in this version.
New cards with monsters and bosses will also be added.
A large number of keys will be removed and replaced with several universal keys.

Tutorial map

Drop changes

Almost to all items drop rate changed to 40%

Bless rop rate 3%, Diablo weapons drop rate 5%

Axes and armors from troll, shields and armor from swordsman drop rate 20%

Remove undead items drop in BL pyramid.

In Doubl also removed crystals from drop.


Soon will be server re-launch.


  • Items
  • Maps
  • Mobs
  • Remove resets
  • Change perks

Looking for people who know how to make maps.
I guarantee a reward.
All communication through English forum.


Server off for few days.

Update: Server back to online

Site update
  • The site design has been fixed, now on a mobile phone it is much better displayed.
  • Perks per character can now be set once at 3 hours, regardless of how many perks were delivered, 1 or more, you still have to wait at 3 hours.
  • Removed gp's from bosses drop.
  • On the maps: Southern Lands, Dungeon of Orcs, Dwarven Lands, Island of the Dark Trolls, Island with the Castle of Dark Trolls, Floor Lizzie Gurts, added monsters.
  • The Dwarves 2 lvl lowered the parameter of resist, attack, and also removed paralysis.

The punishment for paragraph 8 of the rules was supplemented, please read so that there would be no further questions for what and why.

Announcement of Changes

The following changes will be made in the near future:

  • Many keys will be removed, a couple of new ones will be added as replacements in order to reduce the number of keys
  • Setting up monsters for a single swing of the character
  • The drop from some mobs will be revised, the excess will be removed. A drop of coins will be removed from the bosses.
  • On some maps, the number of monsters will be increased.

After that I will slowly add new locations with new monsters on them.

Tondal training center

From now to enter in Tondal training center you need a key, that could fall out from bosses:

This key disposable, after entrance he dissapear.

Another changes

Items drop change from 25% to 15%:

Monsters on bosses maps with top items, gp amout was reduced.
In doubl mobs has changes: attack, defence и resist.

PK Counter and Rules

PK counter set to 30 minutes.
But if your PK status more than 3, it's takes longer time than 30 minutes.

Updated Game rules.
On forum have special topic for this.


Removed all portals from temples.
Names of all maps were translated to Russian.
In Undead depot have only 1 portal to Karend.

Guilds will get 1 extra portal.

Updated client in page downloads.

Guild trader

In guilds tower now have trader, items is:

  • mana
  • hp
  • arrows (99)
  • bolts (99)
  • fishing net
  • pick-axe
  • hammer
Path 131

Ship to Elven lAnds not need Elven Amulet.

Removed portals from Karend Temple.

Crossbows now need bolts instead of arrows for attack.

Crossbows now two-handed.


Guards removed from map Great City of Aramoor.

Exp for Gnomes in Dwarf Land was increased.

Guilds Event

All info on forum.

Items change

Robe Magic Master - deleted

Robe Shadow Master - parameters changed

Monsters changes

Elf Warrior 4Elf Warrior 5Elf Warrior ProtectorAnubis Guardian ArcherAnubis GuardianElf Warrior 3Magic archerDark pallyDark pally with LightingDark pally with gemSkeleton Archer LVL5

The changes affected the attack / defense of monsters, as well as some of the revised experience gained.

Original values are shown in square brackets.

Path 130

Removed all level restrictions to maps.

In addition to the Barracks and the transition from Rock to Karend.


In training centre of Tondal, NPC text translated to russian laguage.

Patch 129

Added new maps.

New monsters:

Entrance on Hell Gate map.

On new maps there is a level limit, the minimum required level 80.

Items changes
Remove gene ring effect from warrior bracers.
In description of item now shows drop chance(website).
Path 124
Added level reguirements to bosses:

Each Entrance now has sign what need to have before enter.
Some maps has correctly translated to Russian npc/signs.

All maps updated.
Site updates
Correctly supported russian and english language.
Now when request new password, need confirm from email, before password will be changed.
Path 122
Added 2 bosses:

Elin on map Drop Walk portal from West land
To Ciraseth portal on map Drop Walk

Drop changes:

Maps changes:
Fields of glory: ship to map Elvatrea
Land of lords: Arilath Castle moved in castle at map Elven Land
Path 121
- Added new map BL Pyramid lvl 2
- On map Land of the Lords now castle is working (Arilath Castle)
- Added 2 new bosses:
   - Tikin (BL Pyramid lvl 2)
   - Arilath (Arilath Castle)
- Changed drop from bosses:
   - Anubis
   - Inarius
Guild registration

- 250k gp

- Name of your guild
- Guild Leader
- Map where you wanna place your Guild tower (not with bosses). 
If map required key to enter, to exit from tower you also should have this key.
- Select 2 portals to maps

Guild tower included:

- 2 portals
- Exit from tower to map where tower is.
- Depot chest
- Make citizien NPC