PK Counter and Rules

PK counter set to 30 minutes.
But if your PK status more than 3, it's takes longer time than 30 minutes.

Updated Game rules.
On forum have special topic for this.


Removed all portals from temples.
Names of all maps were translated to Russian.
In Undead depot have only 1 portal to Karend.

Guilds will get 1 extra portal.

Updated client in page downloads.

Guild trader

In guilds tower now have trader, items is:

  • mana
  • hp
  • arrows (99)
  • bolts (99)
  • fishing net
  • pick-axe
  • hammer
Path 131

Ship to Elven lAnds not need Elven Amulet.

Removed portals from Karend Temple.

Crossbows now need bolts instead of arrows for attack.

Crossbows now two-handed.


Guards removed from map Great City of Aramoor.

Exp for Gnomes in Dwarf Land was increased.

Guilds Event

All info on forum.

Items change

Robe Magic Master - deleted

Robe Shadow Master - parameters changed

Monsters changes

Elf Warrior 4Elf Warrior 5Elf Warrior ProtectorAnubis Guardian ArcherAnubis GuardianElf Warrior 3Magic archerDark pallyDark pally with LightingDark pally with gemSkeleton Archer LVL5

The changes affected the attack / defense of monsters, as well as some of the revised experience gained.

Original values are shown in square brackets.

Path 130

Removed all level restrictions to maps.

In addition to the Barracks and the transition from Rock to Karend.


In training centre of Tondal, NPC text translated to russian laguage.

Patch 129

Added new maps.

New monsters:

Entrance on Hell Gate map.

On new maps there is a level limit, the minimum required level 80.

Items changes
Remove gene ring effect from warrior bracers.
In description of item now shows drop chance(website).
Path 124
Added level reguirements to bosses:

Each Entrance now has sign what need to have before enter.
Some maps has correctly translated to Russian npc/signs.

All maps updated.
Site updates
Correctly supported russian and english language.
Now when request new password, need confirm from email, before password will be changed.
Path 122
Added 2 bosses:

Elin on map Drop Walk portal from West land
To Ciraseth portal on map Drop Walk

Drop changes:

Maps changes:
Fields of glory: ship to map Elvatrea
Land of lords: Arilath Castle moved in castle at map Elven Land
Path 121
- Added new map BL Pyramid lvl 2
- On map Land of the Lords now castle is working (Arilath Castle)
- Added 2 new bosses:
   - Tikin (BL Pyramid lvl 2)
   - Arilath (Arilath Castle)
- Changed drop from bosses:
   - Anubis
   - Inarius
Guild registration

- 250k gp

- Name of your guild
- Guild Leader
- Map where you wanna place your Guild tower (not with bosses). 
If map required key to enter, to exit from tower you also should have this key.
- Select 2 portals to maps

Guild tower included:

- 2 portals
- Exit from tower to map where tower is.
- Depot chest
- Make citizien NPC