Changes 2

Bosses drop changes:

Changes 1

Added to gems of tek hamel to bosses:

Also drop rate for spells and keys was changed.

Bosses changes:


Server running.

Reboots are expected in connection with the changes of things, all reboots will be reported.
Items will still change.
Changed penalties for breaking the rules.

Limit from 1 IP increased to 5.

Setting up

Setting up server before start.

An updated client will be uploaded soon.

Client update:

  • added few new maps
  • fixed items images

UPD: Client updated, please download again to avoid problems.


On this week gonna be server re-launch(wipe).
Not everything what was planning will be, unfortunatelly.
After re-launch will be:

  • Removed hamel.
  • Removed skill buying.
  • Doubel location removed.
  • Items sharpening will not be.
  • Drop rate changed.
  • restrictions on the limit of characters from one ip will be introduced - 3, there will also be a limit on the number of simultaneously bullet in one character - 5.

Few new location will be added, also new location will be adding time to time.

Added 9.02.2020:

  • Perks also will be turned off for while.
Wipe news

Wipe will be in at least 1-2 months.
At the moment, work is underway on things, maps and mobs.

After wipe:

  • will be removed. temple, instead of it runes will wallow in chests (with restarts chests will change).
  • the number of keys to bosses will decrease, there will be universal keys.
  • restrictions on the limit of characters from one ip will be introduced, there will also be a limit on the number of simultaneously bullet in one character.
  • after the fall of the server, all the characters will fly to the temple.

So far everything seems to be, if something else I’ll suddenly come up with, I’ll write.

Dicussion here

Current world map


I apologize for the long silence, so to speak, but plans have changed regarding doing everything from scratch.
This is too time-consuming work and will drag on for a very long time, I decided that it would be easier and faster to fix some cards, monsters and objects in this version.
New cards with monsters and bosses will also be added.
A large number of keys will be removed and replaced with several universal keys.

Tutorial map

Drop changes

Almost to all items drop rate changed to 40%

Bless rop rate 3%, Diablo weapons drop rate 5%

Axes and armors from troll, shields and armor from swordsman drop rate 20%

Remove undead items drop in BL pyramid.

In Doubl also removed crystals from drop.


Soon will be server re-launch.


  • Items
  • Maps
  • Mobs
  • Remove resets
  • Change perks

Looking for people who know how to make maps.
I guarantee a reward.
All communication through English forum.


Server off for few days.

Update: Server back to online

Site update
  • The site design has been fixed, now on a mobile phone it is much better displayed.
  • Perks per character can now be set once at 3 hours, regardless of how many perks were delivered, 1 or more, you still have to wait at 3 hours.
  • Removed gp's from bosses drop.
  • On the maps: Southern Lands, Dungeon of Orcs, Dwarven Lands, Island of the Dark Trolls, Island with the Castle of Dark Trolls, Floor Lizzie Gurts, added monsters.
  • The Dwarves 2 lvl lowered the parameter of resist, attack, and also removed paralysis.

The punishment for paragraph 8 of the rules was supplemented, please read so that there would be no further questions for what and why.

Announcement of Changes

The following changes will be made in the near future:

  • Many keys will be removed, a couple of new ones will be added as replacements in order to reduce the number of keys
  • Setting up monsters for a single swing of the character
  • The drop from some mobs will be revised, the excess will be removed. A drop of coins will be removed from the bosses.
  • On some maps, the number of monsters will be increased.

After that I will slowly add new locations with new monsters on them.

Tondal training center

From now to enter in Tondal training center you need a key, that could fall out from bosses:

This key disposable, after entrance he dissapear.

Another changes

Items drop change from 25% to 15%:

Monsters on bosses maps with top items, gp amout was reduced.
In doubl mobs has changes: attack, defence и resist.

PK Counter and Rules

PK counter set to 30 minutes.
But if your PK status more than 3, it's takes longer time than 30 minutes.

Updated Game rules.
On forum have special topic for this.


Removed all portals from temples.
Names of all maps were translated to Russian.
In Undead depot have only 1 portal to Karend.

Guilds will get 1 extra portal.

Updated client in page downloads.