Server running on date 05.04.2020. Next week/two no updates.
Leather, Mage eye, tek hamel rune

Leather now drop from:

Mage eye now required 30 level for learn it, all who below 30 level spell was taken off.
Gem of Temple Call drgop chance increased to 30%


Changed drop top sets from bosses.

Stats of bosses, with top sets, was increased.


On forum create topic about event, may be someone will be interested.

Path 138

Changed Karend mines map, need to re-enter on map.

Boss Elin moved to Karend mines.

Added few new maps which one soon will be filled by new monsters and some bosses will be moved into it.

Buffs/spells requirements and bosses

Changed reguirements for all buffs.

In drop added buffs for low levels, from bosses:

Fixed level requirement for spells:

Now these spells required 40 level.

Forum registration

From today, I only activate accounts that have been registered with existing game accounts.

Requirements for activation:

  • same e-mail as the account in the game
  • the same nickname as in the main character’s game (3rd party characters will be eliminated)
Karend mines

No pvp.


The forum has 2 topics with suggestions for the game:

Guilds rooms

A castle with guild rooms has been set up in Karenda.

The castle has a main lobby that is open to all and you can become citizen in it.

The cost of a room for a guild is 150k GP (2 portals for 1 month included). This price is paid only 1 time.

In the castle of guilds there are portals to the room for your guild, in each room there are 2 portals and a chest.

PvP is included in the castle, no in rooms.

The left portal is open to everyone in the test room.

Portals you choose yourself, only on those locations on which there are no bosses and at least are located at a distance of 1 location to the boss.

The cost of 1 portal is 20k GP per month *.

* Price subject to change.

Staffs and books

All books now not have skill shield.

All staffs now one-handed.

Elemenetals and Beholders
Elementals and Beholders were changed.
Tek hamel runes and strengthened bosses

Added tek hamel runes drop to:

Strengthened bosses:

Changes 5

Alide lanur and alide atego need 40 level (in game and items library show 41)

All armors now cut used mana

Tek hamel rune drop change increased 25%

Doubles are set to Moscow time: from 13 to 14 hours, from 19 to 20 hours and from 1 to 2 nights


The forum created a vote on changing alide lanur / alide atego.

Voting is here

Changes 4
  • Key of returnDwarven AmuletGuard Stone have normal respawn, also remove tek hamel rune from chest in Lje room.
  • Karend Mines not PVP.
  • Reduced gp drop from some monsters, another monsters will also be reduced gp drop.
Rule 7

Change rule 7 of rules, also changes punishment for this rule.


Last time I change the limits, from 02.19.2020:

  • From one IP, now a maximum of 4 characters and attacking / casting magic in one character is reduced to 2, this only applies when the character is on skill.

Will be back soon.


Rules updated.

Changes 3

Added shop on the maps:

  • Lands of glory
  • Elven Lands

On other cards with traders, the percentage of sales to traders is reduced ещ 1-21%.
Money drop from monsters, also will be reduced.
In the near future, the parameters of many items will be changed.

From now maximum 2 characters from same IP and maximum characters attacked/cast any magic to another now is 3, it's only when character on skills.